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Sara London is an internationally known artist who expresses her aesthetic sense of light and color in a variety of mediums; silk, canvas and mixed media. Best known for her art on silk, she has developed unique methods for processing silk designs, as wearable art, interior accent pieces and applied art concepts.  She has works featured in many synagogues throughout Mexico.

Her conceptual work, flexibility, creativity and her ability to create meaningful art according to the place and context has made her a revered resident artist for more than a decade at the International Summer Institute, where she has illustrated concepts that link the languages of art and the practice of collaborative therapy

Sara's paintings have been featured on book covers and her paintings and artwork are displayed throughout her native Mexico.

Sara London Wins the "People's Choice Award" at the ​45th Annual Visual Arts Exhibition in Denton, TX.

Sara's work entitled "The Golden Number of Fibonacci" was one of 54 works chosen by James, R. Pace, exhibition juror, from hundreds of submissins to be included in the Visual Arts Society of Texas' 45th Annual Visual Arts Exhibition.  The piece is a re-creation of one of her earlier mixed media works.  The media is acrylic on a canvas giclee from a section of one of Sara's original works with thread sewn into the canvas and mounted on sewing frames.  The People's Choice award is presented to the artist who receives the highest number of ballots submitted by exhibit attendees.

"If I had only one word to describe  Sara's artwork, it would be polyphony –  referring to multiple voices.  Her creativity in her art, is expressed in many  / multiple voices.  Each is as valid as the other,  just a different voice, a different expression of her"  ​

Harlene Anderson, P.H.D, Consultant, Clinical Theorist & Author

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